Inspecting the Ointment

Inconsistency bugs me.

I understand that we all can be of two minds about many things. But such is best kept private or between trusted friends or a spouse. In public, you should know yourself well enough to stick with your convictions. If not, then nobody will know what you believe, or what position you will take on any given issue. It makes it difficult to navigate through life’s stickier issues if the lines keep moving, the rules keep changing.Image

This is especially true for people of influence, such as politicians, writers (yes, them too), businesspeople, and celebrities. Their careers are built on telling others what to think, so they should be expected to give serious thought to their positions before launching them on the rest of us.

But I see inconsistency everywhere. Join me as I point out the obvious ones, and maybe find a few new ones along the way. Let’s mash things up a bit, think critically about what’s going on, and perhaps in doing so, we’ll learn a little more about ourselves.


Let me know what you think.

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