Reducing Gun Violence and Protecting the Second Amendment

Bill of Rights
Ted Nugent’s brother. Really?

I was prepared for the article to be poorly written by some shmoe who is trying to profit from association with a more famous sibling. Think Billy Carter. I almost didn’t read it.

But to my surprise, I humbly admit that Jeffrey Nugent makes a compelling case for a way forward on the issue of guns. I don’t mean for this blog to be entirely about weaponry, but I needed to mention this article.

The article echoes some of the things I have said before. But, convincingly, it makes two points I did not think of.

First, Nugent says, “irresponsible gun owners are bad for everyone.” This is true. I’ve thought this about hunters over the years. One idiot shooting someone while out hunting can tarnish the reputation of all hunters.

Second, he says, “car companies know it is good for the auto industry to make cars safer and get dangerous drivers off the road.” Exactly. Gun manufacturers should follow suit rather than veiwing some common-sense controls as bad for business.

Imagine that airplanes were as unsafe today as they were at the dawn of the aviation age. Would you book a flight? Maybe once or twice, but eventually, as airliners repeatedly crashed, the airline companies would go bankrupt. Why? Because nobody would trust them.

Trust. It’s what it comes down to. Can we trust that the NRA has the best interests of the majority of Americans in mind? Can we trust that gun manufacturers are putting lives ahead of profits?

I don’t know. And that uncertainty is the problem.

By the way, Jeffrey Nugent is the former president and CEO of Revlon. Who knew?


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