The Year Comes to a Close

When I started this blog about a year ago, I had only vague plans about how it would be.

A couple things I was sure of. First, I wanted each post to be a well-considered discussion of some public issue, providing a window into how I see the world. I had no intention of posting about what I had for breakfast or some new gadget I had purchased. I’d save that kind of navel-gazing for other forums.

Second, I wanted each post to be written as well as I could manage, considering my time constraints and the fact that I’m receiving zero compensation for this. Some posts I just wanted to get out there as quickly as possible, while others I let simmer for a month or more. But in either case, I took the time to make sure they were ready to go, more or less.

Everything else was up for grabs. So, using a few excellent blogs as inspiration, I took the plunge.

The topics have been whatever I found most interesting–and worth writing about–at the time. Looking back, it seems that work and business have been at the forefront of my attention during the year. It’s a timely topic, certainly, since we are still in some kind of recovery from the Great Recession–although exactly what it is is hard to say. One of my posts, regarding mentoring, actually was relatively popular and I really enjoyed the conversation that it started.


Ringing in the New Year

The other topic that I wrote quite a bit about was public health. I’m not sure why, since I don’t generally wander around pondering how this or that is ruining public health–at least I don’t think so. But often I do see connections between habits, “lifestyle”, public policy, and adverse consequences. When the connection pops up, I find it hard not to pay attention.

Anyway, I have a whole host of other stuff I’d like to write about in 2014. So I hope I can expand beyond the areas that have held my attention this year. Or not. Who knows?

Happy New Year!



  1. Michelle at The Green Study

    You’re an ambitious blogger. I wish I could write more intellectually challenging posts, but the nature of my blog has settled into random musings. Is there a magnetic ribbon I could slap on my car in support of critical thinking? Looking forward to more of your posts – happy new year!

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