Take a Survey: Attitudes about work and life

People have various attitudes about work and life. Some are enthusiastic about their careers while others are much less so. Some are optimistic about life while others find it a struggle.

Paper boys

Paper boys

Individuals, of course, are the product of a complex set of unique variables. But larger groups, affected by similar social and economic forces, tend to share similar views (called the “cohort effect”). These generations may collectively have attitudes about work and life that are noticeably different from each other.

Below is a link to a quick survey (three questions) that I hope will shed some light on this.

Let me know what you think in the comments section of this post. I will share the results at a future date.



  1. Leave the Cannoli, Take the Knife

    Well, that was the shortest survey ever! Only comment I have is that while I am IN the Baby Boomer generation, there are subsets of boomers. I was born at the very tail end, and so didn’t get to enjoy the perks of being in that generation. “The Mindset Lists” actually has a more precise descriptor – we are referred to as “The Hangover Generation”. Not really boomer, not really Gen X, getting the worst of both situations and not much of the best. Certainly, by the time I graduated undergrad in the Reagan years/recession, I developed the impression that many of the good jobs and careers were already filled by the older boomers, and then it wasn’t until Gen X grew up that technology took off, so didn’t really benefit from that either. I think Malcolm Gladwell has discussed how people who graduate from college in poor economic times never do as well as people who do so in boom times. He would point to notable exceptions as outliers.

    • Matthew Taylor

      Hey, thanks for doing the survey. I kept it short so as to not scare folks off.

      I get what you mean about the generation thing. My older sisters — born ’61 and ’63 — are tail-end boomers. I’m squarely in X. My younger brother is also X but has many traits of the Millennials as well. As I wrote these posts, I read some articles about another subset that’s between X and M’ls. They’re calling it Xennial.

      Nailing down generations is tricky. I suspect I’ll get more comments like yours. That’s why I phrased the survey as “identify with”.

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